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EASYcontrol 40
The EASY control 40 is the safety radio control system for special applications. With an identical transmitter housing as the EASYcontrol 30, but with an extended range of commands of up to 40 data bits on the radio channel, the EASYcontrol 40 has up to 48 addressable output channels and up to six-stage joysticks.

The receiver features a completely modular design with plug-in relay cards enabling simple configuration. Individual modules can be quickly replaced in the event of a problem. The processing of the output relay is fully programmable. The output wiring can be connected as required via the internal terminal strip and can be easily adapted to any situation.

The EASYcontrol 40 is the ideal radio control system for cranes requiring a wide range of commands such as those with large magnetic systems used in steel manufacturing or in the ship building industry.

The tandem operation (pitch-and-catch) option enables the crane to be controlled alternately by two or more transmitters. One transmitter assumes responsibility for issuing commands to the crane until it relinquishes responsibility via an active command. This enables the crane to be controlled by other operators. This option is useful wherever heavy or long loads have to be transported simultaneously by two cranes in tandem, or where different operators have to transport loads over relatively long distances.

EASYcontrol 41
The EASYcontrol 41 is for applications requiring proportional outputs. With up to 8 proportional outputs with 16 direction contacts and an additional 17 relay outputs, the EASYcontrol41 also has up to 8-bit resolution with 256 stages per master switch level and an isolated output voltage, 0 - 10 V/DC,4 - 20 mA. The output curve of the proportional voltage can be programmed in accordance with the customer's requirements.

EASYcontrol 42
The EASYcontrol 42 features data feedback from the crane to the transmitter. This feedback, frequently weighing data, can be displayed on an alphanumeric LCD display on the transmitter or by up to 16 LEDs for displaying status messages.  

Technical Data TH-EC/40:

Frequency range:

2 m band or 70 cm band

Clock frequency:

2400 Hz (20 kHz) - 7200 Hz (20 kHz)
1200 Hz - 3100 Hz (12,5 kHz)

Typical response time:

60 ms (at 2400 Hz)



Signal coding:


Hamming distance:

d >= 6 (message check)

Transmission power:

70 mW - 500 mW;
standard 100 mW

Receiver sensitivity:

< 1V 10 dB (1 + S/N)

Digital electronics:

highly redundant twin microprocessor system

Function temperature:

-20C to +60C

Storage temperature:

-40C to +70C

Resistance to vibration:

DIN/IEC 68 part 2-6

Shock/permanent shock:

DIN 40046 part 7/26 or DIN/IEC 68

Receiver relay:

Output relay: max. 250V AC/6A
max. 30V DC/6A (resistive load)
Switching power: max. 1500 VA

Output unit:

Overvoltage category III, contamination level 2 as per E DIN VDE 0160 section 5.7

Ingress protection:

Transmitter IP 65, receiver IP 65

Transmitter dimensions and weight:

265 x 135 x 147 mm (WxHxD),
2 kg incl. battery

Receiver dimensions and weight:

300 x 350 x 180 mm (WxHxD) 11,4 kg

Installation area:

400 x 500 mm (WxH)

Receiver operating voltage:

48, 110, 230V AC, 50/60 Hz +-10%; a 24V DC voltage is available as an alternative (18 - 32V DC)

Power consumption of receiver:

Approx. 50 VA

Protection class of receiver:


Transmitter operating voltage:

12V DC +10% -5%

Power consumption of transmitter:

Approx. 25mA

Operating life of transmitter:

>= 8 hours with a battery capacity of 75% and an operation period of 70% with ambient temperature of +20C

FTZ approval:


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