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Innovation and rugged engineering give the T34C a unique shape and style that provide the equipment operator with a controller that is extremely durable, convenient, and easy to operate. This extremely lightweight 'Belly Box' style controller is ideal for indoor(and limited outdoor) crane remote control applications in most industrial environments. The T34C can be used with most Cattron licensed AT series or MP series receiver/decoder units as well as most existing systems as either a replacement or spare controller.

Durable Construction

One of the more distinctive features of the T34C is the unique design of its control levers. Machined from aircraft-quality 6061 billet aluminum, the handle for each lever is a different geometric shape making it easier for the operator to distinguish between control levers without looking down. The controller is constructed with advanced microcomputer electronics employing surface mount technology and employs Cattrons standard Self-Diagnostics (lever/switch test with audible tones) that users have come to rely on. The main housing is made of high-grade aluminum and incorporates a guard bar which protects the switches against physical damage. Only the highest quality industrial grade and 'mil-spec' switches whose reliability and construction have been field tested and proven under extreme conditions are used. The T34C controllers have room for up to six control levers and can be customized with additional pushbuttons and toggle switches.

Power Source

The T34C uses readily available standard AA alkaline or niMH rechargeable batteries. In normal operation, a green LED blinks with each function command message. For added safety and improved performance, the operating voltage is regulated over the entire battery life, insuring constant range and reliable operation. Whether you choose disposable or rechargeable batteries, changing the battery is easy - simply open the gasketed battery cover, drop the battery in place and close the cover. There are no wires or connectors to insert.


When the operator first turns the power switch on, a sophisticated self-test routine monitors the motor function switches to detect a broken wire or a defective switch. All motor function lever switches are tested for neutrality and a small speaker beeps when the test is complete. If a motor function switch failure occurs, it is recognized as a problem and "locked out" from any further input. A special message is sent to the receiver/decoder to advise maintenance personnel of the problem. The message is both displayed and stored in the data-log of the controller's decoder.

Cattron T34C controllers are equipped with a tilt switch to activate diagnostics and can be optionally programmed to send a function. This function can be assigned in the decoder for a variety of operations, i.e., to stop equipment, sound an alarm or both. Every controller may also be equipped with an additional PC-compatible diagnostic port.

Key Features
  • For use with most Cattron licensed AT or MP Series System
  • Customized layout with custom-engraved nameplates
  • Rugged design for use in harsh environments
  • Power-on self-diagnostics
  • Two stage LED battery indicator with audible beep.
  • Long battery life; full voltage regulation over life of the battery
  • State-of-the-art industrial grade components and advanced microcomputer technology
  • High grade, lightweight aluminum case
  • Designed for easy servicing
Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 3-4 lever unit (RCT834ACT) - 7.5"(19cm) x 6.7"(17cm) x 10.6"(27cm)
5-6 lever units(RCT836ACT) - 7.5"(19cm) x 6.7"(17cm) x 15.4"(39cm)

Weight: 3-4 lever unit (RCT834ACT) - 4.5lbs(2.04Kgs) w/batteries ; 5-6 lever unit (RCT836ACT) 5.5lbs (2.5Kgs) w/ batteries.

Environmental: -4° F to +140° F ( -20° C to +60° C) RH 0 to 95% non-condensing.

Switch Type: Spring return to center toggle, maintained toggle, momentary push-botton, rotary select.

Lever Switch : Wide spaced levers with special shaped lever knobs standard.

Number of Motors: 3 (3-Lever), 4 ( 4-Lever), 5 (5-Lever), or 6 (6-Lever)

Auxiliary Functions: Up to 15 digital ON/OFF

Antenna: external

Push to Operate safety bar: Standard

Lever Guard Bar: Standard - extends from both sides across the front above the levers.

Key-lock Switch: Optional (Power ON/OFF)

Labeling: Laser engraved plastic, multi-layer large text

Low Battery Indicator: Two color LED: Green - Battery normal; RED - Low Battery

Transmitter Frequency: 447-473 MHz synthesized 12.5KHz channel spacing.

Operating Range: Greater than 300 ft. line of sight.

Operating Hours: Results may vary based upon customer specific operations, battery manufacturer and ambient temperature.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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