Miscellaneous Applications

Cattron-Theimeg Remote Controls have been successfully used to control many different types of machinery. The applications listed below are just a sample of the unique and innovative ways we’ve made operating machinery safer and more efficient. If you would like more detail on one of these applications or would like to discuss an application of your own with one of our engineering specialists please call the nearest office or representative or fill out the on-line information request form under Company & Contact Info.

  - Drawbridge Operation
- Ship loaders
- Harvesting equipment
- Grain sampling and loading equipment
- Coal chutes
- Furnace doors
- Furnace tapping
- Printing and paper mill equipment
- Water cannons
- Theme park rides
- Theater stage operation
- Construction equipment
- Landmine sweeping
- Unexploded ordnance removal
- Military test equipment
- Airline hanger doors
- Ski lifts



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