Core Products
Material Handling & Overhead Cranes
Most Radio Remote Control applications are built around one of our Core Products. For specialized applications, we have engineered our core systems with specific features to meet these requirements.

Cattron-Theimeg is the world leader in design, manufacture, installation and service of Industrial Portable Radio Remote Controls for overhead crane and general material handling applications. Click on any of the systems below for detailed information.


Mulit-Processor, top-of-the-line system with up to 48 inputs and 96 outputs. The MP96 series offers the safety and dependability required for operating machinery in harsh industrial environments.


Total modular design with 40 bit data transmission, up to 48 addressable outputs and up to six-stage joysticks.


“Advanced Technology” and high performance with up to 32 outputs at an affordable price.


Modular design and dual microprocessor technology allow for a variety of configuration options.


High performance system using the latest synthesizing technology with 16 outputs.



Collision avoidance with laser accuracy for overhead cranes, hoists and machinery.

Brake Package
Two-Step Electro-Hydraulic Brake Package makes converting an Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Crane from cab control to radio remote or pendant control easy.

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